Shipping Policies

Shipping & other good things ...


Hand-painted Art

An original work of art, this hand-painted canvas is stretched and ready to hang. Due to its unique nature, slight variations may occur from one piece to another. A certificate of authenticity accompanies each creation.


Non-fungible Token – NFT

The NFT description will outline the nature of the NFT (original digital creation, original creation on canvas converted to digital, multi-edition NFT) and have what type of creation.  A certificate of authenticity accompanies the NFT compliant Smart Contract and will be distinguishable as an ERC20: identical token or ERC721: unique token.


Limited Edition Print

Limited to a single printing of a certain number of pieces, this print is a collectible piece of art. A certificate of authenticity accompanies the print.


International Orders

Our orders are shipped using either Fedex or UPS. All international orders may be subject to import duties and taxes assessed by local governments and are due upon delivery. This is not included in the order total.