This series emphasis’s Dorothy believe that we all must be strong in our faith. All things emerge through faith, a power and presence greater than oneself. This series was started in 2021 as Dorothy and all people of the world were emerging from a very challenging time with Covid-19 pandemic. As we emerge from the events of the pandemic, keeping social awareness and perseverance in the front of our thoughts may lead us to brighter future.


With the advent of smart contracts on the blockchain, in March 2021 started to create unique crypto artwork. As an entirely new and exciting way for Dorothy to bring her creations to the digital format, Dorothy has quickly adapted to this new medium of art work and the world of NFT's.

The NFT drops will consists of one full crypto artwork available for a single buyer. We expect to launch the NFT to the public in the month of July 2021. It will be available for purchase on the Dorothy Yung Art website, via the Polygon (Matic) or Ethereum blockchain.


The inspiration behind the Origin series is Dorothy’s believe that we all speak a common language. Her job as an artist is utilize art to communicate her stories to the viewer. Using the ancient Chinese pictogram or calligraphy, Dorothy communicates about compassion and abundance. For art to be done well the artist must be able to communicate with the viewer.


Dorothy was inspired to begin painting the Unity series, which includes a piece titled “United We Stand,” in response to riots in a divided country that was falling apart. “We need to be more united and more spiritually involved, more caring of each other’s feelings,” Dorothy said. Her paintings reflect an ideal state where people are gentler, good to each other, and changing society for the better. Dorothy believes that Together we stand, divided we fall.

The Unity series, as do all her series, addresses spiritualism and her belief that a higher power is the source for a kinder, gentler society.

Divine Experience

In this series of paintings Dorothy worked to enhance her ability to bring the expression of multi-dimensional perspectives into full view. Started in 2020, the Divine Experience series brought some incredible expression of dimensions and spirituality to her work.

Spiritual Experience

This series was done in late 2019 and early 2020. A small series of just 15 paintings Dorothy was on her way to truly expressing her strong connection with mother nature, her ancestors and immediate family.

Dorothy actively channels the essence of the angels and her ancestors while she paints. There can be found a horizon point in the paintings that in some cases the dimensions are moving away from the viewer and some are moving toward the viewer. If you look closely you can see a horizon point which create multiple layers or dimensions to the artwork. The colorist in Dorothy uses vibrant tones to bring out these dimensions as well as depict the Angels and spirits that look over us.


The Grace series revolve around the transition of Yung’s residency in Kauai. Colorful, tropical and vibrant. The Grace series saw a shift back to oil on canvas and represents Dorothy's gratitude for all the abundance of nature, family and experiences she has had in her lifetime. Painted mostly in 2019, the body of work in this series represents the movement to Spiritual Dimensionlism.


The Watercolor series comprise a few different types of creations on paper with mixed media.  Some black and white sketches were done during the year of 2017. This series is acrylic wash & charcoal on acid free mat board. Using bright colors and ancient Chinese symbols, these works are grounded in her traditional calligraphy training as a child. Chinese calligraphy and philosophy, I-Ching / Taoism, kept her grounded in her heritage while at the same time showing multiple dimension.

The watercolors from 2020 and 2021 from this series bring color and a more contemporary style to the paintings.

Wuxi Museum Collection

This Wuxi Museum collection of paintings tell Dorothy's story as an immigrant moving to the United States from China in the 1940s in an abstract art form she calls “Spiritual Dimensionalism”.

The collection is made up of pieces from 3 of Dorothy's early series; Woman Emerging, Negative Space and Culmination series. All three of these series had a strong focused on Dorothy's family connections and the paradox between traditional Chinese values and western spiritual concepts. Highlight pieces include"Benevolent", "Lucy" and  "Spirit".