Dorothy Yung

Dorothy Yung

“Dorothy Yung’s art makes a swift, definite and strong impression. It illustrates the ironic axiom: egoless people have strong characters.”

~ William Zimmer Contributing Art Critic,

The New York Times

Life as a Paradox

Raised in China and already painting at the age of 6, Dorothy was taught that humility and kindness come before all else.

Patriarchal ideals are evident in Chinese culture, but Dorothy’s family distinctively redefined feminism, and put the female form at the center of the family. Compassion became their north star and women were celebrated.

Her art uniquely brings opposites together. With a sense of purpose and mastery, her bold brush strokes accentuate brilliant, vibrant and bold compositions.

Her paintings re-tell stories with ancient Chinese poetry, making them more relevant today than perhaps they’ve ever been.

Chinese poetry and American expressionism blend together on her canvas, not as separates or opposites, but as one.

Through her paintings, the spirit world dances like whispers from another world, reminding us here on earth that there is more to life than the physical world.

There are no opposites. There is no us and them. Everything is spiritual. And love conquers all.

Dorothy is not a priest or a shaman. She’s not a medium or a guru.

But she does believe that all of us are here for a higher purpose, and if only we take time to stop, listen and look past the stories and through the brush strokes, we can participate in something deeper, together.

Dorothy’s work has been exhibited with acclaim among the following international venues: the Marlborough Gallery in London, the Hong Kong Cultural Center and the Wuxi Museum.